Most of my teaching career has been developed in Higher Education institutions. I have lectured in Applied Phonetics and in Discourse Analysis in several HE colleges and universities (both at teacher training colleges and translation programmes) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am also an EFL teacher, and I worked as an EFL pre- and in-service teacher educator. I have also taught English as a Foreign Language in secondary schools and at language institutes.

I am currently a seminar tutor and exam marker in Phonetics and Phonology and in English Grammar at the University of York. I also work as a Spanish Language tutor at the Languages For All centre in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science.

Teaching Experience
At the University of York, UK - Department of Language and Linguistic Science (2017-2018)
  • GTA in Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (LC09)  - Seminar Tutor/Teacher & Exam marker
  • GTA in Understanding English Grammar - Seminar Tutor & Exam Marker
  • Spanish Level 1 (Associate Lecturer) Tutor. Languages for All.

At ISP Dr Joaquín V González - Buenos Aires, Argentina - English Department (2009-2016) 
  • Lecturer ("Profesora") in the following modules:
    •  Phonetics and Phonological Theories II (2006-2016)
    • Laboratory Practice I (2009-2016)
    • Phonology at the Lab and its Pedagogy (Laboratory Practice III) (2013-2016) 
    • Discourse Analysis (2015-2016)
  • Laboratory Practice Tutor (2010-2016)

At ENSLV Sofía B de Spangenberg - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Translation Programme (2006-2016)
  • Lecturer in English Phonology I, A & B

At Profesorado del Consudec - English Department (2007, 2010-2016 )
  • Lecturer in Phonetics II (2010-2016)
  • Lecturer in Lab III and Lab IV (2014-2016)

At CIBADIST  (2007-2014)
  • Module convenor and tutor:
    •  Language and Oral Expression IV (2007-2014)
    •   Language and Culture II and IV (2009-2014)

  • Teacher of English at FCE/CAE level - Teacher of IGCSE English as a First Language
  • Head of English Department, Secondary School (2010)
 Temporary lectureships
Universidad de Belgrano - Translation Programme (2013 - bank member of staff)
  • Lecturer in English Phonetics A & B

Universidad Nacional de San Martín - CEPEL - Posgraduate diploma in the didactics of phonetics (1st term 2016)
  • Lecturer in The Didactics of Intonation I